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I am a quintessential Bronx girl born and raised. I come from a spiritual family both my mother and father are preachers, but I somehow managed not to become one. By the time I was fifteen years old I was pregnant with my one and only son. Becoming a mother didn't stop me from continuing my education. I was able to earn a bachelor's degree and master's degree before the age of 25. Throughout my 30's I had experienced many hardships and traumas that went unresolved and ultimately lead me down a path of emotional destruction.

I had become depressed, struggling with panic attacks and anxiety,  and unable to maintain employment, which led to me becoming homeless. Overwhelmed by feelings of being a complete failure, and lack of mental health support I slipped into a bizarre state of depersonalization that caused me to feel like I was living in a dream world and that life as I knew it was over. It was the spiritual foundation my parents had instilled in me that gave me the inner strength to keep pushing and not give up on myself. It was that determination that helped me find the tools to build this anxiety support group to help anyone struggling to become healed better versions of themselves.

Calm Thoughts, 

The Analog Girl

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