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How to Conquer Overthinking With Anxiety

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

If we’re honest with ourselves, we are all guilty of overthinking in different situations. It becomes a problem when it begins to overtake our lives and prevent us from doing things. Thinking about the past or future scenarios can ultimately have a huge impact on our mental health and wellness.

Taking the time to think through a problem is not a bad thing! If you are suffering from consistent lack of sleep and can’t focus on your day-to-day tasks, these three tips might help you with some anxiety relief.

How to Conquer Overthinking & Anxious Thoughts

1. Meditation and Learning to Quiet Your Thoughts

Learning to meditate is a great way of quieting unhelpful and cluttered thinking. I love to meditate and pray for 30 minutes every morning. To give me a feeling of safety and security, I use a sauna blanket. Meditation helps you to be “in the moment” and clear your mind of stressful thoughts.

2. Let Go of the Past, Focus on Controlling What You Can in the Present

We have all made mistakes and have regrets: “Let the person without sin cast the first stone!” It’s good to learn from the past. It’s another to spend too long dwelling on it and overthinking. This only results in adding to feelings of anxiety and depression.

I have gone through my own hardships and challenges. I learned to accept my past and focus on the things that I can change. The things I have control over in the present and into the future. Learning to do this has given me immense anxiety relief.

3. Get Out and Get Moving

Even if it’s just a short stroll to a local cafe to sit. Drink coffee and people watch. It’s getting yourself out into the fresh air for a while that can act as a distraction from overthinking. Any kind of physical activity can help to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

Final Thoughts

Overthinking is a common symptom of anxiety and depression. If it is not addressed quickly, it can take hold and be a difficult bad habit to break. I hope my 3 suggestions might help you on your way to better mental health and wellness. Check out my book, Lose the thoughts and keep the mind! and learn more about the tools I have used to concur overthinking and start living a better life now.

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