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Facing ADHD: Why It Feels Like Divine Punishment and How I'm Coping

"Playing Life's Board Game with a Few Cards Short of a Full Deck"

Ever get that feeling that if life were a board game, someone handed you the edition that's missing a few key pieces? That's my ADHD challenges in a nutshell. If Monopoly were the game, I'm pretty sure I'd be trying to trade in my "Get Out of Jail Free" card for a "Focus for Just Five Minutes" one.

God's Little Prank?

Now, I've had my moments where I looked up and said, "Really, God? This is your idea of a practical joke?" Feeling punished by God when you're already navigating the unpredictable waters of ADHD? It's like the universe sprinkled some extra spicy hot sauce on an already flaming hot wing challenge.

A Day at "The Office" with My ADHD

So, speaking of navigating the ADHD board game, let me share a little story about my stint at the workplace. Now, like many of my fellow ADHD homies, I need some tools in my arsenal to ensure I’m not trailing behind, especially during those endless meetings. Enter my trusty note-taking app.

One fine day, I thought, “Hey, why not record the meetings? It'll be like my little podcast series, 'What Did We Discuss Again?’” Genius, right? But turns out, that not everyone was on board. After a couple of meetings using the recording tool, I was met with some hesitancy. My colleague expressed, that they did not feel comfortable being recorded. I blinked, paused, and thought, "Oh, I'm sorry, are you running for office? Did I miss your secret service detail at the entrance?"

Now, don’t get me wrong. I respect privacy, and I definitely didn’t want to turn our conference room into an episode of 'Undercover Boss'. So, I obliged and turned off the recording. But it struck me how workplaces, while they're all about 'inclusion', sometimes miss the memo on what that truly means for people like us. Let's face it, a simple recording could be the difference between me excelling and me asking, three days later, "Wait, we changed the project deadline?!" But hey, if my colleagues ever decide to launch political careers, they’ll be glad they nipped my recording habit in the bud!

The ADHD Emotional Toll Booth

While most people pay in coins, us ADHD warriors? We pay in lost keys, forgotten appointments, and those moments of "What was I saying again?" And let me tell you, that toll booth? It's demanding. It's truly the most annoying thing I have ever experienced. Like, I just want to remember something for once in my life, for facks sake!

Navigating the Board Game of Life

But here's the thing: every board game comes with its strategies, even the ADHD edition.

  1. Power-Ups: These aren't just for video games! Find what supercharges your focus. Maybe it's a fidget spinner, or perhaps it's blasting City Girls. I can't be the only one obsessed with rachet life.

  2. The Rulebook: Just because I'm overwhelmed with ADHD doesn't mean I can't write my own rules. If traditional methods don't work, time to get creative!

  3. Phone A Friend: Feeling like God is trying to make you his toughest soldier? Call up a friend. Sometimes just venting or laughing about it can turn the tables.

Seeking Support: The Game-Changer

The most game-changing move? Seeking support. That could mean professional help, a local ADHD group, or just a friend who’s equally convinced they’re being pranked by God and the rest of the world.

Wrapping It Up

Look, life's board game might seem unfair at times. But remember: everyone's got their own challenges. Mine just happens to come with a side of "Why did I walk into this room?" moments. And if that's God's way of keeping me on my toes, well played, Big Homie, well played.

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