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Why I Dropped $200 on a Beyoncé Hoodie and I Would Do It Again 💸

Okay yes, I dropped a cool $200 on a Beyoncé hoodie. And yes my job contract is up this week and I am not sure where I am working in 2024. Before you judge, let me take you through my Beyoncé Renaissance movie experience because there was much to learn.

The Lens Drama: When you know you're right!

Let's talk about that scene where Queen Bey stood her ground about a wide lens that her team swore didn't exist. She was like, "Hold up, I Googled it, and yes, honey, it does exist." That moment had me chuckling and nodding because, hello, how many times have we known we're right but let the naysayers get in our heads? How many times have you had a creative idea and because they couldn't see the bigger picture, they thought your idea was corny? I'm 44, fabulous, and done with second-guessing myself. Beyoncé, with her no-nonsense attitude, was a whole affirming mood!

Beyoncé Runs the World, and the Movie Theaters

Can we talk about the power move of getting thousands of movie theaters worldwide to win the mute challenge? I mean, if that's not a "you've made it" moment, I don't know what is. It's not just about the music, the endless fashion, or the mute challenge though; it's about how Beyoncé makes moves like a chess grandmaster. And let's be real, if she decided to run for President, I wouldn't be mad. Beyonce also shows that it's not just her making chess moves. I especially loved when there was a sound malfunction on the stage and her team quickly encouraged her to change outfits for an iconic bounce back!

Motherhood: The Glamorous Struggle

So this is the thing. That scene where Beyoncé second-guesses letting Blue Ivy perform? Chile, I felt that in my soul. Every day I'm out here wondering if I'm doing this motherhood thing right. But seeing Beyoncé, in all her fame and fortune, going through the same doubts? It's like a warm hug telling you, "Girl, you're not alone."

That $200 Hoodie: A Souvenir of Life Lessons

Okay so about the hoodie. Why did I spend $200 on it? Because it's not just a piece of clothing; it's a symbol. It's about standing up for yourself, running the world like a boss, and embracing the beautiful mess of motherhood. Plus, let's be honest, it's Beyoncé – and anything Beyoncé touches is automatically cooler.

The Beyoncé Renaissance movie was more than just entertainment; it was a masterclass in life, with a side of boss bish and soul. And yes, if given the chance, I'd buy that hoodie all over again. Because sometimes, you've just got to treat yourself, especially when it's Beyoncé-approved.

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