The most apt description that I have heard of anxiety is a ‘shape-shifter.’ It turns itself into all the things that we love and plays their part until we start becoming afraid of them. Anxiety is nothing but a series of mind games that overthinking plays on us. But, of course, it is real. Anxiety is as real as the year 2020 was, it makes us feel as though we don’t deserve happiness or we just can’t achieve it. 

This book is going to give you all the reasons why that last statement is wrong and the power and courage you need to get through these trash-ass days you’ve been having. We all deserve happiness, and we have to sometimes fight our way to get there. We have to struggle to get the basic needs, but that only makes us stronger. We have the strength in us; we always did, but like a muscle, we just need a little training to develop that strength. But sometimes, we need to be reminded of that. Let Lose The Thoughts Keep The Mind be your personal mental health support system on your journey to healing today!