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Analog Girl's Ultimate 2023 Holiday Wellness Gift Guide - Must-Have Picks!

A girl by the Christmas tree

Hey, hey, my fabulous Analoggers! 🌟

It's that time of the year again – when our fingers are scrolling faster than our brains are processing, all in the hunt for the perfect holiday gifts. But fear not, because your girl's got you covered, with her wellness favorites Oprah style! These aren't just any picks; these are the crème de la crème of what I use and swear by. Let's dive into my top holiday picks, guaranteed to add a dash of relief and maybe some peace to your festive season.

Face Card Never Declines

  1. LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask - Wake up feeling like a hydrated goddess with this little jar of miracles.

  2. Lancome Anti Aging Serum - For my aunties, because who said you can't turn back the clock and look fabulous doing it?

  3. Oshea Body Kit - For skin so soft, you’ll start questioning if you were born with it.

  4. Gua Sha Facial Tools - Because your face deserves a workout too.

  5. CEO Glow Turmeric Oil - Get that boss-lady radiance all year round.

  6. Cooling Face Mask - Chill out, de-puff, and glow up. It's self-care in a mask!

Mind Over Matter

  1. Anxiety Killa Hoodie - Slay anxiety in style!

  2. Anxiety Killa Beanie - Keep your head warm and anxiety low.

  3. Sunrise Clock - Because waking up should feel like a scene from a Disney movie.

  4. Weighted Blanket - It’s like a bear hug that lasts all night. Who wouldn’t want that?

  5. Disruptive Thinking - Shake up your thoughts and maybe your world.

  6. Everyday Dose Mushroom Coffee - The coffee alternative that won't have you shaking like a crackhead. Especially good for ADHD folks, the focus will be on 1000!

Body Oddie

  1. Bevel Trimmer - My baldies baddies, stay sharp and sleek; thank me later.

  2. Electronic Tea Kettle - A cup of tea in 6 mins, because waiting for water to boil should be last season.

  3. Herbal Tea - A cup of calm in the holiday storm, with a bible verse.

  4. Acupuncture Mat - Lie down, relax, and let the mat do its magic.

  5. Instructional Yoga Mat w/ Poses - Don't feel like leaving your house? your yoga instructor is one mat away.

  6. Original Peloton Bike - Spin your way through the New Year like a boss.

  7. Stanley Cup - Stay hydrated with style. Yes, I'm that girl now!

  8. Black Girl Sunscreen - Because your melanin deserves the best.

  9. Goop Glow Sunscreen- Glow like a glow stick no matter the time of year.

  10. Foot Massager - Pamper those puppies after a long day. Fun fact it can relieve headaches with one session.

Soul Loving

  1. Lose The Thoughts Keep The Mind - Get ready for laughs, cries, and all the feels.

  2. Garden Within - Grow your soul garden, one page at a time.

  3. Stop Doing That Sh*t - It’s like a pep talk for your psyche.

  4. Made Whole - The practical guide to being your best self and reaching your financial goals.

  5. I am Unstoppable Journal - Write down your wins, your woes, and everything in between.

  6. CSB Women’s Bible - Nourish your spirit and find some peace with this easy-to-read interactive Bible.

  7. Apple Watch - For the tech-savvy folks who are serious about their soul care. Track your steps, heart rate, breathing, and more.

And there you have it – my go-to 2023 gift guide goodies that make life a little brighter, a tad more peaceful, and a whole lot more calm. Remember, it’s not just the gifts, it's the thought, the love, and the fabulous you behind it all. Happy holidays and happy shopping, Analoggers! 🎁✨💃🏾

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