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It's Called Personal Growth, Trusting Yourself in the Age of Comparison: Analog Girl's Revival

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Child, growing up in the Bronx? You best believe ambition, hustle, and that good ol' drive were served with my morning cereal! But honey, as I was out here trying to make a name for myself, that pesky shadow of comparison was right behind me, like an ex you just can't shake off. There's a difference between being inspired and feeling like you're forever running someone else's race.

Now, let me spill some tea. Your girl went and set up The Analog Girl Community. Think of it as a digital living room where me and my crew could spill our hearts out about the ups and downs of our mental health. Fast forward three years and more episodes than my momma's got church hats, and I started feeling some type of way. It seemed like if your podcast didn’t have more hosts than Destiny's Child's had line-up changes, you weren't in the game! There I was, wondering if lil ol' me could really shine in the wellness space without a cohost.

Well, after spending a few intense weeks in therapy (and a misguided attempt to co-host a podcast that crashed and burned), I had a moment of clarity. I'd been out here, lowkey trying to "keep up with the Joneses" of the podcast world. While I was and am ecstatic for my peers killing it in the podcast scene, another voice inside me was all, "Hey! What about me??". Mr. Roosevelt (he's a former president, y'all) once said, "Comparison is the thief of joy." And honestly, Teddy had bars. Soon enough my podcasting vibe started feeling hella dry and uninspired.

But guess what? Your girl had a bounce back! It's called personal growth! I remembered I'm not just ANY voice; I'm THAT voice. In a world that treats aging for women like an expiring coupon, I've decided every year just adds spice to my special sauce. Life isn't a race, and if it was, why be a copy when I'm the original masterpiece?

So, as I give the Analog Girl Brand a fresh coat of fabulousness and serve up some mental health realness, I've got a little message for you: Embrace YOUR journey, pop a bottle with those who get you, and in this age of tweets and swipes, let’s keep it 100 with real, heart-to-heart connections. And always remember, life’s too short to miss a chance to laugh, honey!

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